Wedding Favors

  We spent many an hour making wedding favors (with help from our friend Kameron!), but due to an oversight, they never made it out to each person's chair for the ceremony.  If you didn't get one at the wedding, we still have many left over, and we would be happy to give you the one the next time we see you.

The favor was a donation we made to the SEED Public Charter School of Washington DC.  A small note was attached to a little bag of Jordan almonds (seven almonds in six different colors, with the two almonds of the same color not ever touching!).  The note said:

In lieu of favors, 
Kristen and Frank have made a donation 
to the SEED Public Charter School of 
Washington DC on your behalf.
This college preparatory boarding school, 
located in southeast DC, is the only urban 
public boarding school in the US .
In 2004 the school sent 100% of its 
graduating class to college.
Our donation will help the school achieve its 
goal of raising $10,000 for library materials.
To find out more about the school, visit



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