Wedding Pictures

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Getting Ready (31 slides)

Pre-Ceremony in the Park (22)

Waiting for the Ceremony (14)

Ceremony (33)

Receiving Line (10)

Family Photos (10)

Cocktail Hour (6)

Dinner (16)

Chocolate Fountain (5)

First Dances and Dancing 1 (54)

Cake Cutting (6)

Dancing 2 (39)

Our photographers, Shannon Bishop and Gunes Kocatepe, did an amazing job with our pictures.  They are experts in documentary photography, which means there are very few posed shots.  Documentary photographers capture the "story" of a wedding through photos of everyone involved throughout the day.  This of course means that not everyone shows up in our professional pictures (which is why our family and friends' photos are so important) because the photographers can't be everywhere at once and are shooting pictures of the action they see.  So if you don't see yourself here, send us your pictures and we'll put you up in the family and friends section.  

If you live in the DC area and are ever interested in hiring Shannon or Gunes, you can do so through the Documentary Associates website.  They work with Roman Grinev, who is a documentary photographer extraordinaire.  His work can be seen at  

We had nearly 600 photos to choose from (and each photo in both black and white and color), so it took us a while to choose our favorites.  We have selected just under 250, which is a huge number.  We have divided our pictures into separate slide shows so you can take them in small doses (and so you don't have to scroll through 150 pictures to get to the one you wanted to see a second time).  Let us know what you think of this format.  Each of the links to the left is a discrete batch of pictures.  At the end of each set, you'll be able to continue on to the next batch or come back another day.  

If you are truly a glutton for punishment, the entire set of proofs, all 561 pictures, is available here.  They are all in color, and there are no descriptions.


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